Frequently Asked Questions After a Car Crash

Answers from a Ventura Car Accident Lawyers

The Richard | Bartlett Lawyers have been serving the needs of accident victims throughout Ventura with skill and tenacity. Our record includes more than $100 million in compensation for our clients. We know how important a claim is to our clients, so we work hard to help them put their lives back together. When it comes to car accidents, everyone has questions. Here are the answers to a few of them.

What are my legal responsibilities after a car accident?

Your immediate responsibility is to remain at the scene of the accident. If you or a passenger has been seriously injured, call 911. Follow all directions given you by state law enforcement when they arrive. Answer their questions, but do not concede liability or accept any type of settlement until you have spoken with our personal injury attorneys.

What if I'm not sure who was at fault?

It is not your job to determine fault. The important thing is collect the names and contact information of those involved, along with any witnesses. Taking pictures of the accident scene is also helpful. Speak with our lawyers about what you should do next.

Will I have to pay for my injuries?

Whether you or the other driver was at fault, your own insurance should cover the cost of any immediate, medical treatment. Once a settlement or judgment has been awarded, necessary reimbursements will be made.

What should I look for in a personal injury lawyer?

Your choice of an attorney can directly affect the outcome of your claim. When choosing a lawyer, look for: trial experience, past results, availability, personal attention, and payment structure. At Richard | Bartlett Lawyer, our Ventura car accident lawyers have a proven trial record, settlements numbering over $100 million, and we operate on a contingency fee basis. We care about our clients, and we show it by always being available to them.

How much does it cost to file a personal injury suit?

If you hire Richard | Bartlett Lawyers, you won't pay anything out-of-pocket. The initial consultation is free, and final payment is contingent on the outcome of your suit. If we don't win, you don't pay us!

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