California Personal Injury Lawyers

A History of Success

When you file a personal injury claim it is important you seek out legal representation that has your best interests in mind. At Richard | Bartlett Lawyers, we have a history of success with our clients. Check out our past case history and contact us today, we will fight for the compensation you deserve.
  • $2,500,000.00
    Car Accident
  • $1,700,000.00
    Truck Accident
  • $1,600,000.00
    Pedestrian Accident
  • $1,000,000.00
    Commercial Vehicle v. Truck Accident
  • $520,000.00
    Commercial Vehicle v. Car Accident
  • $500,000.00
    Bicycle v. Truck Accident
  • $475,000.00
    Car Accident
  • $300,000.00
    Pedestrian Accident
  • $276,000.00
    Car Accident
  • $204,000.00
    Taxi Cab Accident